So who am I? 

My name is Ryan, I was born in Auckland and now live in Canterbury with my wife, Julia, and our 3 awesome children, Kaio (11 years), Luca (5 years) and Nina (3 years). 

Julia and I have now been married for 14 years and travelled the world together, we have lived in Auckland & Darfield in New Zealand; Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast in Australia; plus Florianopolis & Sao Paulo in Brazil before returning to New Zealand. 

The "me" in "media"

I have always been drawn to the media industry, both behind the camera as well as in front of the camera but it wasn't until we lived in Brazil that I took the plunge into doing it for a living. 

At first, it was intimidating and everyday I had to overcome my own confidence issues until other professional photographers who had been in the industry much longer than I started asking me for advice! From that point on things became different and I have never looked back - well except to tell my story! 

I also provide workshops for other professional photographers that include things like using flash and alternative lighting, post-processing and marketing. 




Where do I provide services?

Even though I'm based in Canterbury, I provide services all over New Zealand. 

Unfortunately during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am unable to travel outside of New Zealand, when things change and I can travel again I will update this secion. 

A funny thing, how I got started in weddings... 

It was about 8 years ago now when I decided to move from architectural and corporate work and took my first private "engagement party", I had an idea of what to expect as I had already been shooting events (like corporate launches and company Christmas parties) for some time but this was different, it was personal and special in that sense. 

I spent longer than normal preparing for the night, it was a special event, but when I arrived it was clearly not what I had expected, there was an alter... and a wedding cake! I spoke to the guy who hired me, who magically transformed from being a "fiancee" to the "groom"!? He said they decided to cancel the engagement party and to get married instead. I had never shot a wedding before - I hadn't even been to 1 since my own, I felt well out of my depth, I told the guy I had never shot a wedding before and I wasn't prepared to shoot a wedding, he apologised and begged me to stay so I did. 

After that first wedding, I was recommended to others and guests of the wedding also hired me to document their special events, from that point I have grown and produce beautiful wedding photographs that couples cherish.